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The Decatur High School History


With the growth of the prosperous city of Decatur, came a new high school that was said to have been the most up-to-date school in the state outside of Chicago. The Decatur High. School, built in 1911, was planned in the semi-classical design of the Corinthian order and originally accommodated 1,000 students.


One of the features of the new building was the central heating plant, which. gained national attention. The first graduating class of 1912 had 123 students who were proud to have graduated from the new Decatur High School.


In 1936, construction began on the new auditorium-gymnasium through the WPA program. Kintner Gym, as it was called, became the largest WPA structure in the state.


Time had taken its toll on the old Decatur High building and plans were made to build a new school in a different location, which opened in 1975. The old building was torn clown to make way for new Civic Center in 1977. With it went many memories of a special time in the hearts of the many graduates of the old Decatur High School.

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