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The Decatur Millikin University History


As a young college boy, James Millikin became aware of the struggles that young people faced in securing funds to meet college expenses and overcoming the inadequacy of their preparation for the classes they entered. Then and there, only twenty years of age, he made the vow that if ever became wealthy, he would found an institution of learning in which all classes of youth could secure an education, regardless of what occupation they might desire.


After establishing one of the most successful banks in Illinois, James Millikin wanted to pursue his dream. He offered the City of Decatur a large tract of land known as Oakland Park and $200,000 for a school if the people of Decatur would donate $100,000 toward the project. The local businessmen knowing that this would be good for Decatur, wasted no time in raising the money. Millikin was also approached by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member to affiliate his school with the church. James Millikin agreed to do so with a few exceptions. One of his stipulations was, however, that the school should not be narrowly sectarian, but that it should be conducted on a broad plane in which all would be treated alike, regardless of sect or creed.


On June 4,1903, a glorious day for Decatur, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered the dedicatory address for the new James Millikin University. And, on September 15, 1903, this prestigious University opened its doors to 562 students. Throughout the years, the University has grown and today the enrollment is approximately 1.700 students of all classes, creed, or sect living the dream of its founder, James Millikin.


The collectibles designed by The Glass House show a view of Shilling Hall (formerly Liberal Arts Hall) to represent the spirit of Millikin University.

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